How to Find Greater Purpose in Your Business

Call me passionate. Call me naive. Call me crazy. Ever since I ripped open the box that held my first professional camera, I wanted to do something extraordinary.
Wait, wait, wait. This sounds a lot like the beginning of a story, right? I thought this was supposed to be a great ‘How To’ post! I don’t know about great, but in order for me to tell you how to find greater purpose in your business, I have share how I found it in mine.
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Now, at first my extraordinary something was being able to provide financially while keeping stay at home mom status. Let’s be real, it still is

I don’t know if it was lack of experience or knowledge but I thought, oh I’m a photographer now – I can shoot anything. So I did. But, like most entrepreneurs that want to succeed, I approached a point where I thought, if I’m going to make this a profitable business I need to do TWO things:

  1.  I need to focus on one area of photography.
  2. I need to raise my costs.

Hmmm, increase income and try to attract one type of job. I love weddings! I could definitely see myself shooting weddings.

So I dove head first into the hustle and bustle of brides and planning and full Saturdays quickly realizing that while I [love] love, I didn’t feel like I had purpose. During this time of confusion and frustration I (reluctantly but excitedly) decided to invest in Jasmine Star‘s Path to Profitability e-course. I took the course, still, with the idea of being a wedding photographer but somehow finding purpose in that. Through the course, I came to the sobering conclusion that I was not serving the right clients at all. Not that I was serving the wrong type of bride, but that I was serving the wrong type of client. Period.

In need of photos for my own brand and answers to the million dollar question of who I wanted to serve, I searched the web for a photographer that specialized in Personal Branding. To my surprise (note: sarcasm) there was no one within hundreds of miles of me that did this. But looking at a few of my favs like Heidi Hapanowicz and Anna With Love was so inspiring and fabulous. I soon became consumed with Brand Photography. And after another round of Jasmine’s course with the idea of Branding in mind, I found it. I found my sense of purpose in running a business. So let’s get to the how (my how).
In order to find a greater purpose in your business or whatever you do…


  • Be curious – and then pursue it.
    According to the SBA, in 2010, there were 27.9 million recorded [small] businesses in the United States. And succeed or fail, my best guess is curiosity had something to do with a lot of those beginnings.
  • Invest in your passion. There are great educators (most of them small business owners like us) itching to share what they know with you. Whether it’s a specific industry or you just love the idea of working for yourself, investing in yourself and your business with courses or seminars or workshops is the best way for you to LEARN what it is you were made for.
  • Stay confident and passionate. Once you find the road you’re meant to be on, go for it and don’t look back! To other it may seem silly, or unimportant. But you aren’t them. You weren’t looking for their purpose. You were looking for yours. You will serve your clients in a way that NO ONE else can.

Never stop being curious, friends! Your purpose is out there waiting for you to tap into and change the world!



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