A Life with Lucy

Last year, I took a leap and made a BIG change in my business. I shifted from a heavily saturated, heavily sought after market in photography to a market most wouldn’t know if they were even looking for it.

Having nothing but a vision for what Brand Photography would look like, I decided to do some cold calls (let’s be real people – I sent DM’s) and offer my services to local entrepreneurs in Charleston.
I met Mikayla at a Rising Tide meeting. She had just started West Virginia’s first mobile fashion boutique and was looking for photos to market her business but couldn’t find the words to communicate what she wanted. Naturally, EVERY photographer in our meet-up offered their services. I stayed quiet.
It wasn’t until a couple of weeks later when I reached out to her after giving her time to either hire one of those photographers or not, and proposed my zero experience offer.

One month after that, we were in the midst of our first brand photo shoot (for both of us!) and my creative soul was satisfied. I had found my purpose in business and I never looked back.
So here we are almost a year later – Ooh La Lucy now has a permanent location in addition to her mobile beauty and we just finished up our second brand photo shoot!

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Girl bosses need to draw energy from something,
why not Skinny Pop! Mikayla’s favorite.

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Mikayla first began her journey in the fashion industry
with her mobile fashion boutique! Her and her dad worked
together to come up with the perfect representation of
Mikayla and the customers she wanted to attract!ooh la lucy mobile boutique, fashion truck, lifestyle brand photography, fashion truck interiorwv shops, shop local, local fashion, mobile fashion truck, ooh la lucy, summer trends


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